You have just exited The Information Superhighway.

Speed Limit 45 MPH / Construction Zones 35 MPH

Speed Monitored By Aircraft

Fine For Littering $500

No Food, Gas, Lodging

Instead, you'll find that:

◦ Music, sound and photography have been my lifelong passions.

◦ Sound equipment, music instruments and cameras aren’t merely pieces of technology, they’re pieces of art in themselves that are then used to create art. I’m not a passive passerby, though; I’m at the forefront of research and development, and artistic expression of photography, music and sound.

◦ Once your mind has been altered by these (somewhat pack-ratty) pages, you can congratulate yourself for surviving the experience. Way to go! I'm proud of you! Wait: after you read these pages your mind will be a has-been? I should rethink this.

◦ You can check out my business websites at -

KVG Laboratories
KVG Guitars
Woods & Waters Press

Let me state up front that I was born in 1958 with a degenerative neurological condition that resembles cerebral palsy. The result is reduced motor function, ever-present pain, chronic exhaustion, and an overall appearance resembling a Stan Winston creature. (Grrr… arrgh.)

Despite the severe limitations imposed thereby, I decided at an early age that I wasn't about to let it stop me. For the most part, it hasn't, and I've accomplished things many able-bodied folks can't do.

The purpose of this website is not to brag about what I have done, but to give you, dear reader, inspiration. Life is hard, life's not fair, but with enough determination, you can overcome any barrier presented to you. I promise you that. I've done it.

The End Is Near! Run to The Other End!